Proactive Peace Profile: Farming for Social Change

Over the course of my PhD, I’ve had the privilege of being able to speak to a wide number of different people around the world about their peace work. One of the groups I’ve focused on is the Farming for Social Change network. They’re a network of smaller programmes in the American Friends Service Committee.

One of the impressive things about their work is that it’s at the intersection of where peace issues interact with issues of food justice and climate change. It seems so impressive because it’s doing a lot of different things at once. Food issues can represent significant risk-factors because they are not only a resource scarcity in and of themselves but they often represent an inequality of economic access too. And climate change, as I spoke about here will almost certainly increase the presence of conflict risk-factors.

I recently wrote this article about some of the work of the network, and you can read it here. It explores how the work of all of these different programmes is simultaneously contributing towards food justice, climate justice and peace. I think it’s important to point out this kind of work, because operating intersectionally in this manner is difficult and easily overlooked.

Head over to their website to check it out:

Proactive Peace work is vital for our communities. Yet it is often overlooked in favour of more ‘exciting’ stories.

I would love to help build the profile of Proactive Peace. So, if you have stories from your community, I’d love to hear about it— please get in touch

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  1. Thanks for giving us access to this Ashley, it’s uninteresting and thought provoking article. I intend to use a short extract in worship in the near future.

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